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Eric Franzon


Eric is principal at Smart Data Consultants LLC ( and works as a Semantic Technology consultant, trainer, evangelist, journalist, community organizer, and business analyst. Eric regularly teaches and consults about Semantic Web and Linked Data concepts and their use in SEO/SEM and Enterprise applications. He is interested in Open Data, Cognitive Computing, and how to make Big Data systems smart(-er). Eric has directed a daily publication,, and a large, detailed IT industry conference ( A lifelong learner and educator, Eric has taught Semantic Web concepts, improvisational comedy, blues harmonica, theater, and gender studies. Skills and specialties: RDF, RDFa, JSON-LD, Microdata, SPARQL, e-commerce, website development, community building, business analysis, technical research, presentation skills, training development, marketing/communications, Semantic Web, staff management, system and process management, operations. Eric lives in Missoula, MT and travels frequently.