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Saffron Technology


At Saffron, we believe that computers can be more helpful to us if they operate software which closely mimics how we think. Saffron’s patented Natural Intelligence Platform is the result of a decade of intense development and research to create a truly cognitive computing platform. Contrary to traditional artificial intelligence platforms which try to make sense of data by applying logic, Saffron analyzes data in association and context of all data points down to the entity level. Saffron’s Natural Intelligence platform learns about new associations on the fly as data arrives. The result of this process identifies patterns, trends and most importantly, it relentlessly learns. Like the human brain, Saffron is not limited in the size, scope or format of the data. Saffron directly supports and informs people attempting to solve major challenges problems faced by data-driven organizations: • Saffron is universal. It is truly format agnostic and can consume any type of data, including unstructured information. It unifies all data resources to include those that may have fallen into disuse on legacy systems. Saffron reveals insights which were not visible or known, enabling decision makers to base action on what they know, not what they had time to research. • Saffron is blindly fast. It doesn’t work with models or rules and doesn’t require heavy installation seen with traditional business intelligence platforms. The size of the database is irrelevant. • Saffron is dynamic. It learns in real-time, continuously and doesn’t need to be reset every time context changes. • Saffron is temporal. It uses knowledge from prior experiences to anticipate and suggest future outcomes. It is especially powerful identifying patterns and anomalies in the data. • Saffron is simple to use. It doesn’t require months of training – our experience notes analysts creating new knowledge after a single day of training. It illuminates actionable insights to inform decisions.